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Q: How do I know what kind of training we need at our agency?
A: Contact Shulman and Associates and discuss the issues with him.

Q: How do I know how long a training we will need?
A: This is dependent upon the level of experience of the people to be trained, what your goals for the training are, and the complexity of the subject matter. All of this must be modified by staff time constraints.

Q: In considering a treatment program consultation, what should we anticipate in terms of required time and effort.
A: This depends on the nature of the problems, the outcomes you desire, what components of the consultation effort can be assumed by the staff and any time constraints under which you are operating. Prior to the beginning of any consultation, there will be discussion of the scope of the project and an estimate of the time required.

Q: How far in advance does training and consultation have to be scheduled?
A: That is dependent on the trainer/consultant schedule and the scope of the project. Please contact Shulman and Associates.

Q: What is the cost of the training or consultation services?
A: That depends on the person providing the services. Please contact Shulman and Associates for further information.

Q: We think we need a consultation but we are not sure what we need. How can we determine our needs?
A: One of the Shulman and Associates staff will be more than happy to review the issues and make recommendations to you.

Q: How do I determine which trainer/consultant of Shulman and Associates would be the best match to our needs?
A: Contact Shulman and Associates.

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